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4 Free Artificial Intelligence Courses To check out

In the current era, the surge of AI-based technologies is undeniable, bringing with it the potential to revolutionize various aspects of work. From language processing and recognizing patterns to problem-solving and even decision-making, the impact of these innovations is profound.


Consider technologies like ChatGPT; they represent a new frontier known as generative AI. Unlike merely copying or recognizing patterns based on set rules, generative AI employs intricate algorithms, often rooted in neural networks, to craft original content. These advancements are made possible by substantial strides in machine learning, a branch of AI that involves teaching computers to learn from data. This process encompasses data collection, model training, learning from the data, assessing model output, and tweaking parameters to optimize the AI’s designated task.

Free AI Course

This evolution has also given rise to neural networks, computational models inspired by the human brain. These networks consist of interconnected virtual ‘neurons’ arranged in ‘layers’ to process data. This mechanism enables a computational model to learn patterns, make predictions, and execute tasks, often referred to as deep learning, a subset of machine learning.

Deep learning centers on training artificial neural networks with numerous layers to interpret intricate data. The term ‘deep’ alludes to the network’s multi-layered structure. This approach has been remarkably successful in tasks such as image recognition, understanding and generating human-like responses (as seen in ChatGPT-like models), and speech recognition, which powers voice assistants and transcribes speech into text.

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Considering the imminent disruptions that AI promises, it’s vital for us to familiarize ourselves with these new technologies. While one might assume that comprehending these concepts necessitates a background in computer or software engineering, the truth is that anyone with an interest can delve into them, regardless of their academic background.

To facilitate this learning journey, here are four Free Online Certificate Programs on AI, generative AI, and machine learning, developed by industry leaders such as Microsoft, Google, Infosys, and GUVI. The best part? These programs are accessible online for free.

GUVI’s AI for India 2.0 Program

The Indian government has introduced AI for India 2.0, an innovative program offering free online training focused on AI. Skill India and GUVI collaboratively crafted this course, accredited by the National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NVET) and IIT Madras. This one-day virtual tech skill development event, in partnership with the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, will take place on August 15. Participants gain complimentary access to GUVI’s premium course as part of their preparation starting from July 15. Register now by clicking here.

GUVI, an incubated ed-tech company by IIT Madras and IIM Ahmedabad, specializes in personalized learning solutions spanning online education, upskilling, and recruitment opportunities. Notably, GUVI offers courses in various regional languages.

Free AI Courses

Infosys AI Certification Courses

Infosys has rolled out a comprehensive AI certification training program to equip learners with new skill sets. This free AI course is available on the Infosys Springboard virtual learning platform. Register today by clicking here.

The platform hosts a range of certification courses covering diverse AI-related topics. These introductory courses span AI, generative AI, deep learning, and natural language processing. Additionally, master classes on AI and the impact of generative AI are also accessible. Infosys Springboard provides curriculum-rich learning experiences, offering corporate-grade learning accessible online from any device. As part of Infosys’ CSR commitment, the platform aims to empower over 10 million individuals with digital skills by 2025, catering to learners from class 6 to lifelong learners.

Microsoft’s Course on Generative AI

Microsoft unveils an AI skill program designed to educate individuals worldwide on this subject. This initiative is part of Microsoft’s Skills for Jobs program, which offers free coursework in collaboration with LinkedIn.

The coursework introduces fundamental AI concepts, frameworks, and issues a career essentials certificate upon completion. Microsoft recognizes the potential disruption AI holds for the future of work, and this course aligns with their commitment to enhancing people’s AI skills. Access the course by clicking here.

Google Cloud AI Courses

Professions centered around AI and machine learning are burgeoning, particularly within the Google Cloud sphere, offering considerable specialization opportunities. The realm of generative AI holds immense potential across fields like information technology, branding, and communication. Integrating machine learning compounds the importance of mastering data comprehension, model creation, and interactive function development. This skill set is crucial for data engineers, machine learning engineers, and data scientists moving ahead.

Google Cloud’s AI and machine learning course provides specialized training materials, particularly focusing on AI technologies and generative AI—all for free. To explore the course and access its resources, click here.

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